Where do I subscribe to receive promotional emails?
At the bottom of the home page you will see 'Subscribe' where you can enter your email address. Once entered you will receive a confirmation email to say you have subscribed. 
How do I find out what materials you use in your products?
Each product description will state the fabric compositions.
Where can I find a stockist?
We do not list stockists on our website, but if you contact us at laalalamps@gmail.com our customer service team will find a stockist nearest to you.
You don't deliver to my country?
Please contact us at laalalamps@gmail.com and we will see what we can do to deliver to your country of residence. Depending on your location this might result in a higher delivery price.
My order has arrived damage, what do I do?
Please contact our customer service team laalalamps@gmail.com who will take the details and try to resolve the issue.
I've lost my returns/exchange form, how do I return my items?
For instruction on how to return an item please refer to the 'Returns Policy' page.